Local Nets

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Location Net Name Frequency Offset Tone Time Day Callsign/Operator Notes
Warsaw Benton County ARES Net 146.925 MHz - 107.2 Hz 7:00 PM SUN WB0EM  
Columbia Columbia Area Simplex Net 146.440 MHz Simplex   8:00 PM SUN AB0SE  
Columbia Columbia Area Digital Net 3.580 MHz Digital   8:30 PM SUN AB0SE Use the 'mfsk16' digital protocol
Sedalia SPARK Repeater Net 147.030 MHz - 179.9 Hz 8:00 PM SUN WA0SDO  
Warrensburg WAARCI 2M/ARES/ARRL Sunday Night Net 146.880 MHz - 107.2 Hz 8:30 PM SUN W0AU  
Carrollton Carroll County ARES Net 146.655 MHz - 94.8 Hz 7:00 PM MON N0SAX  
Mexico Audrain Emergency Communications ARES Net 147.255 MHz + 127.3 Hz 8:00 PM TUE AA0RC Extreme-wide area coverage repeater located on the KWWR backup tower 2 miles west of Mexico.
Sedalia   147.030 MHz Simplex 179.9 Hz 8:00 PM WED KD0ETL The purpose is to establish a common freqency if the repeater is down and to see how efficient this is to work.
Jefferson City   147.000 MHz - 127.3 Hz 8:00 PM WED K0ETY  
Macon   146.805 MHz - 156.7 Hz 8:30 PM WED N0PR  
Fulton Callaway Amateur Radio League (CARL) Net 147.315 MHz +   8:45 PM WED KC0MV Can also use a negative (-) offset west of Fulton/meets on simplex every 5th Wednesday of the month at 8:30 PM then repeater at normal time.
Columbia Central Missouri Emergency Net 146.760 MHz - 127.3 Hz 9:00 PM WED K0SI  
Warrensburg WAARCI Youth Net 146.880 MHz - 107.2 Hz 8:00 PM THURS W0AU Encouraging check-ins from hams 17 or under/18 and in high school/youth wishing to check-in via 3rd-party.
Moberly   147.090 MHz + 127.3 Hz 8:00 PM THURS K0MOB No nets 3rd Thursday of month due to club meeting.
Boonville Boonville Amateur Radio Club 2-Meter Net 147.360 MHz + 127.3 Hz 8:30 PM THURS W0BRC  
Stover   147.390 MHz +   8:30 PM THURS KB0QWQ