W0BRC Boonville Amateur Radio Club

Ham Radio in Cooper County Missouri

Repeater: 147.360 MHz (+), PL 127.3 | Nets: Thursdays @ 8:30 PM | Next Meeting: 2nd Saturday of the Month @ 9:00 AM in the Cooper County Emergency Operations Center

Recent posts:

  • Field Day 2020 is Here!

    We hope everyone can come out and join us for this year’s Field Day this weekend out at the Prarie Home Fair Grounds. Anyone and everyone is invited to attend, even if just for a...

    Jun 25, 2020 | field-day

  • Meeting Summary: June 13, 2020

    The club met this month in Harley Park with a biscuit and gravy breakfast provided by WD6BGN! To assist with communicating with club members, WD0GYR is coordinating sending notices out with Nixle. If you are...

    Jun 21, 2020 | meeting, field-day

  • June 13th Meeting at Harley Park at 9:00 AM

    The June 13th, 2020 meeting of the Boonville Missouri Amateur Radio Club will be held in Harley Park, Shelter House #5, Boonville, MO, at 9:00 AM. All persons interested are invited to attend. Field Day...

    Jun 06, 2020 | meeting, field-day

  • Meeting Summary: May 9, 2020

    This month’s club meeting was the 2nd on-the-air club meeting held on the club’s repeater. Topics ranged from work to do on the repeater to the 2020 ARRL Field Day from June 27-28. This year...

    May 09, 2020 | meeting, field-day, website


    NOTICE: BOONVILLE HAMFEST 2020 is CANCELED!!! In an effort to continue to stay transparent about the COVID-19 situation and the impacts on decisions made about the hamfest, it has been decided to cancel the hamfest...

    Mar 16, 2020 | hamfest, covid-19