Field Day 2020 is Here!

Posted: Jun 25, 2020 @ 19:52 • Author(s): W0MQD • tags: field-day

We hope everyone can come out and join us for this year’s Field Day this weekend out at the Prarie Home Fair Grounds. Anyone and everyone is invited to attend, even if just for a short time, to visit with the club and see what our version of amateur radio is all about. We plan to have voice, some digital modes, and CW (morse code) stations in operation throughout the event.

As a fun bonus, we will have a Get On The Air (GOTA) station where seasoned operators are available to help those who are unlicensed or newly licensed experience the fast-paced action that help make Field Day an exciting event!

Setup is scheduled for Friday evening with operations to begin at 1 PM Saturday through the evening and into Sunday (3:59 PM is the official end of Field Day). We hope to see you there!